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UPDATED 11th August 2016

The fourth image down is of a "kraak-ware" Delft style dinner plate. Kraak ware was so called because of the ships, carracks, or kraaks, in which Chinese Ming Dynasty blue-and -white porcelain was imported to Europe up to the end of the 17th century. It was much imitated in Spain, Portugal, and Holland, using tin-glazed earthenware. It was not until the 18th century that the "secret" of making porcelain was discovered in the West, first at Meissen, and then in England. Fragments of Spanish and Portuguese "kraak-ware" have turned up in 16th century archaeological sites on the west coast of Ireland. There was a long history of trading between Galway, and Spain/Portugal from medieval times. This trade died out after the Cromwellian invasion, and British control of Irish trading after the 1640s.

Cockerel serving dish


Large, 18" x 12" Cockerel Serving dish

Heron Dish


Large 18" x 12" Heron Serving disn

Pushkin serving dish


Large 18" x 12" Pushkin Serving dish

Kraak ware plate


"Kraak ware" dinner plate

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December 2015 Firings

The last firings of 2015 explored new glaze combinations in stoneware, hunting the elusive blue/green over dark slip with wax resist. Also revisiting an old favourite mug shape from Persia, loosely in "Kashan" style. And a blue-and-white earthenware firing for commissions and Christmas crafts.

Benown Dish.


Benown Dish. Earthenware. 14" diameter.

Butter Dish


Blue green cobalt glaze over black slip glaze, wax resisted. 6" diameter

Butter dishes


3 Blue green cobalt glaze over black slip glaze, wax resist.

Kashan mugs


"Kashan" mugs. Jun glaze

Kashan mugs


"Kashan" mugs. 2nd pattern. Jun and tenmoku glazes

Recent Delft Ware Commissions: Anniversary and Wedding Dishes

Updated 27th.October 2015

A run of anniversary and wedding dishes for various people (whose names are on the pots) led to the first tin-glazed earthenware firing for ages. The Scotty dog dish, which was the most trouble to paint, seems to be getting very positive responses online. Hopefully this won't become a habit!

Very Large Bird Dish


Large Dish Ben Bulben


Large Lobster Dish


Scotty Dog Dish


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Anthony OBrien

Shivlagh, Bunowen
Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, Ireland