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December 2015 Firings

The last firings of 2015 explored new glaze combinations in stoneware, hunting the elusive blue/green over dark slip with wax resist. Also revisiting an old favourite mug shape from Persia, loosely in "Kashan" style. And a blue-and-white earthenware firing for commissions and Christmas crafts.

Benown Dish.


Benown Dish. Earthenware. 14" diameter.

Butter Dish


Blue green cobalt glaze over black slip glaze, wax resisted. 6" diameter

Butter dishes


3 Blue green cobalt glaze over black slip glaze, wax resist.

Kashan mugs


"Kashan" mugs. Jun glaze

Kashan mugs


"Kashan" mugs. 2nd pattern. Jun and tenmoku glazes

Recent Delft Ware Commissions: Anniversary and Wedding Dishes

Updated 27th.October 2015

A run of anniversary and wedding dishes for various people (whose names are on the pots) led to the first tin-glazed earthenware firing for ages. The Scotty dog dish, which was the most trouble to paint, seems to be getting very positive responses online. Hopefully this won't become a habit!

Very Large Bird Dish


Large Dish Ben Bulben


Large Lobster Dish


Scotty Dog Dish


Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 00:10:00

Recent Large Square Dishes: National Crafts Awards Winner at the RDS

As well as the large Jun bowls below, I've been making some very large square dishes, over 14" x 14" (about as big as will fit on a kiln shelf) with a mixture of sgraffitto through slip, and wax resist over biscuit-fired underglaze.


This is the dish that won the ceramics prize at the RDS National Crafts Awards in July 2015

Four ravens, four raptors


Four ravens on the front.

Four ravens, four raptors


Four raptors on the back

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - 00:07:00

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